Congratulations to Matthew Spaier for being named PI  Magazine's Investigator of the Year for 2021


A fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured investigation firm and we have the ability to access information that is not available to the general public or the legal community.

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Our Founder and President , Matthew Spaier was recently named PI Magazine’s Investigator of the Year for 2021. With over 25 years experience in Investigations and Risk Assessment, you know you are dealing with seasoned professionals. Our staff is Multi-lingual and are licensed Notaries. Our Analysts are trained to use the latest technology and know how to find answers when a simple database search is coming up short. We have offices in The Bronx, New York City. We also have the ability to cover all of New York through our association memberships and can also cover most states. We have international contacts all over the world when the need arises. Our relationships help us connect the dots to get you what you need in a timely fashion.

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An investigator will visit your potential client and take a detailed report of the incident. We will use your proprietary intake kit or our custom kit. Notarizing of necessary forms is also included in the price. We have bilingual Spanish investigators to cater to your Spanish speaking clients. Photography is also available at a reduced rate if done at the time of intake. All assignments include a detailed report along with recommendations for additional investigations.

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We have created a product that utilizes cutting edge technology to give you the insight of what an individual looks like online. By using multiple checkpoints and databases we can hone in on the target subject and ensure the information you have is not a “False Positive”. We analyze Photos, Posts Associations, Locations and Behaviors to pin point the data you are looking for. Our reports include Digital Foot Prints, Username and Profiles, Addresses, Locations, Contact information, Photos/Screenshots and object/behavior recognition. Links will take you directly to social media pages. You can customize your search to include what you need and take out what you don’t need. Several tiers of pricing are available to fit your budget. Free up your time to litigate your cases instead of doing hours of research.

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  • Social Media Research
    Our team of analysts are the best in the business. We have access to databases that are not available to the regular public. Our team is dedicated to research and know how to get you the information you need. Our team regularly attends continuing education programs and is on top of the learning curve for new search tools and techniques.
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  • Risk Assessments
    We have created a multi-platform approach to locate, monitor and identify potential threats. Our process is pro-active not re-active. our analysts are certified and trained to locate potential issues and return actionable data.
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  • Witness Interviews and Statements
    An Investigator will contact a witness and arrange for a personal meeting. At this time a written statement of the accounts will be taken. The original signed and notarized statement will be provided to you.
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  • Photography
    An investigator will travel to the site in question and take pictures including Plaintiff and Defendant perspectives and background shots. Measurements will be taken and photographed along with point of reference landmarks. Photos are taken in a digital format and you are provided with a CD when the assignment is complete
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  • IME Appointments
    We will accompany your client on his/her Independant Medical Examination to report what takes place and the questions asked. You will recieve a report with every question asked by the doctor and your client's response.
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  • Asset Searches
    We have the ability to locate "Hard Assets" prior to judgment. This means we can locate nationally any real property, motor vehicles, boats or airplanes. Our searches include an address profile, a comprehensive report of the subject, any bankruptcy filings, liens or judgments.
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  • Searches and Investigations
    Searches include Skip Trace, Individual Background, Comprehensive Business, Telephone Search, Cell Phone Search, DMV Search, PO Box Trace, Criminal Search, Comprehensive Property Search, Property Deed & Mortgage Search, Professional License/Misconduct Search, Military Search of all 5 Branches, Obtaining of a Police Report, Other
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  • Process Services
    We offer nationwide coverage for all your needs through our partners through outthe state.We offer process service for Summons and Complaints, Orders to Show Cause and Subpoenas.
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  • Surveillance
    Our investigators are professionals and use state of the art equipment. This service is offered exclusively through our partners.
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  • Accident Reconstruction
    We work hand in hand with Accident Investigation Services, LLC to reconstruct and investigate your case. Different packages are available depending on the level of investigations required.
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