Social Media Searches

We have created a product that utilizes cutting edge technology to give you the insight of what an individual looks like online. By using multiple checkpoints and databases we can hone in on the target subject and ensure the information you have is not a “False Positive”. We analyze Photos, Posts Associations, Locations and Behaviors to pin point the data you are looking for. Our reports include Digital Foot Prints, Username and Profiles, Addresses, Locations, Contact information, Photos/Screenshots and object/behavior recognition. Links will take you directly to social media pages. You can customize your search to include what you need and take out what you don’t need. Several tiers of pricing are available to fit your budget. Free up your time to litigate your cases instead of doing hours of research.

  • Scan your clients at the onset of engagement or Pre-Deposition/Trial and advise them on how to manage their exposure online
  • Scan your adversaries at the onset of engagement or Pre-Deposition/Trial to plan a strategy regarding character and fact patterns
  • Scan a potential favorable witness to limit any exposure
  • Scan a hostile witness for impeachment strategies
  • Scan jurors to formulate your strategy during trial and to monitor them during proceedings to ensure they are not posting about the trial or your client
  • Scan Social Media for time stamps on MVA cases showing proof of mobile device use at the time of an accident.
  • Electronic Canvassing through Geo-tagging and Geo-fencing.
  • Potential Dram Shop investigation and Social Media time stamping
  • Real time Social Media profile monitoring available for posting history and habits
  • Save time and resources by leaving data collection to seasoned analysts

No matter how large or small your situation is, we have the skills to help. Please call Satellite Investigations at 718.701.2615 or fill out our client form below.