April- The art of the intake/sign-up and Labor Law CLE 4/5/12



I have decided to focus each month on one service that we offer to our clients. This month I have selected our Intake/Sign-up service.

“The early bird gets the worm”. This is a phrase we are all familiar with. As personal injury investigations specialists, we understand that timing means everything. In the fast paced environment of the Tri-State area, when potential clients are searching for a firm, they are more likely to choose the firm that provides the best “customer service”. This is where Satellite Investigations can help you. Once you have decided to take a new case, we will contact your prospective client and can usually have the intake done within 24 to 48 hours. Sometimes we can even get the assignment completed within the same day. When we meet with your client, we understand that we are the first contact this client has with your firm. We take the time to explain to them the whole process of a personal injury lawsuit and what they can expect as the case proceeds. We will use your proprietary paper work and will have your pack back to you within a day or two.

Here is the advantage to using Satellite Investigations for your intakes:

You get timely service and do not have to spend your valuable time traveling to and from the visit. This frees your schedule to spend more time in court or in the office. Our investigators are 100% bilingual in Spanish. Included with our service is a written report that outlines the facts of the case and gives you suggestions on how to proceed with any investigations that need to be done. We can also provide photography services at the intake and of any defect if the case warrants.

The biggest myth about not using investigators for intakes:

“Our clients prefer to meet with the attorney handling their case”This statement is true, but this meeting does not need to be held at the intake. Most clients want to get a sense of if they have a good case or “how much they can get”. This can’t be done at the initial intake. We understand clients want to speak with someone who is educated in the process and will take the time to answer their questions and make them feel comfortable. We have a proven track record in providing top rate customer service. We meet hundreds of people a year for our clients. The follow up client/attorney meeting can be more productive after you have the medical records, the policy declarations and liability has been established. Call today for more information.

Some Intakes/Sign-ups start as low as $165.00

132 Nassau Street New York, NY 10038

We will be attending the NYSTLA labor law 2012 Update CLE seminar on 4/5/12 as a Partner for Justice. The class is being chaired by David Perecman, Esq with a panel that includes Martine Edelman,Esq, D. Carl Lustig, Esq, Brian J. Shoot, Esq and Arthur J. Smith, Esq. Please visit our both for more information on how we can help you with your cases. You can sign up for this seminar by calling 212-349-5890 or by visiting www.nystla.org

I hope to hear from you soon

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