Searches and Investigations

Skip Trace (Locate Client or Witness)
Using information provided to locate your client or a witness. Prices vary, please call for information.

Social Media
Comprehensive search finding information and habits on social media. 100% compliant, click here to learn more

Individual Background
Verification of Social Security number, possible alias, current address and telephone number, current possible work address and phone number,judgments liens, bankruptcy possible relatives, neighbors and possible sex offenses.

Comprehensive Business Search
Includes a basic company report, possible bankruptcies, bankruptcy documents, docket sheets, possible liens or judgements, corporate filings, business registrations,UCC filings, associated businesses, associated people, Internet domain names registered, current and previous property ownership, possible current motor vehicles at address possible motor vehicles at address and a Dun and Bradstreet report. (Delaware corporation searches available for an additional charge.

Telephone Search
Verify numbers or locate a number for an address. Searches also availabe for unlisted numbers.

Cell Phone Search
Verifies listing of number and billing address of subscriber. Service also available for disconnected numbers. Please inquire about cellphone record rates.

DMV Search
Most states available. Please call for further description on details that can be provided.

PO Box Trace
Locate an address for the owner of a PO Box.

Criminal Searches
Available in the Federal System and most States and Counties. These can be done in Criminal Court or Civil Court and go back 7-10 years.

Comprehensive Property Search
Includes a basic address report, property ownership, businesses and neighbors of address, possible current and previous driver’s licenses at the address, possible and previous motor vehicles at the address, possible bankruptcies docket sheets and documents at the address, and possible liens and judgements at the address.

Property, Deed & Mortgage Search
Will provide a complete history of the property including the owners and any liens and most times mortgages (May require court visit).

Professional License/Misconduct Search
Specialized searches showing if the professionals license is in good standing or if there have been past violations or suspensions. This is essential for any malpractice case.

Military Search of all 5 branches
Verifies enlistment. This search is now required at the time of default for default motions.

Obtain Police report
valid in NY 5 boros, Long Island, Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Orange and Dutchess county. Please call for additional details.

Other Searches
Includes DEA controlled substances license search, Federal Firearms ands explosive license search, Patriot Act search. Hunting/Fishing license search and voter registration search.

If the information you are looking for is not on this list, please call us for a specialized search.

No matter how large or small your situation is, we have the skills to help. Please call Satellite Investigations at 718.701.2615 or fill out our client form below.