Photography and Video

An investigator will travel to the site in question and take pictures including Plaintiff and Defendant perspectives and background shots. Measurements will be taken and photographed along with point of reference landmarks. Photos are taken in a digital format. Each assignment includes a written report which details the photos. Our investigators have been trained by professionals and have experience photographing personal injuries (scar photos), car accident scenes, premises sites, construction sites and all nursing home cases including bed sore and wrongful death. Covert photography is utilized when necessary.

Video recording is also available for accident scenes, hospital and rehab visits (with proper authorization), premises, construction sites and discovery and inspections. All video is shot in digital. Covert video is available for situations that require stealth.

An image speaks 1000 words and these services are a must for an attorney interested in gathering as much information as possible prior to trial or during negotiating.

No matter how large or small your situation is, we have the skills to help. Please call Satellite Investigations at 718.701.2615 or fill out our client form below.