Asset Searches

We have the ability to locate “Hard Assets” prior to judgment. This means we can locate nationally any real property, motor vehicles, boats or airplanes. Our searches include an address profile, a comprehensive report of the subject, any bankruptcy filings, liens or judgments.

We also have the ability to provide a post judgment “Bank search” This will provide a detail of the bank with which you subject has an account with. On many occasions we are able to determine how much money is in the account. We also have the ability to locate stock and securities accounts. We often are able to determine the dollar values of these accounts. Please call for more details.

All searches include a detailed report. These searches can help you collect on old judgments that were considered lost. Call today for details.

No matter how large or small your situation is, we have the skills to help. Please call Satellite Investigations at 718.701.2615 or fill out our client form below.